Running for Grandma

Make the decision to influence the world by adding to the positive energy flowing through its interconnected pathways.

I believe interconnected energy links the world, and through that fabric we are able to transcend time and distance.  We can impact events a world away in the present, feel very much alive from memories of the past, or vividly see snapshots of our future.  Every moment of our life is an opportunity to interact with this network of interconnected energies and we can decide to impact it positively or negatively.  When we impact it positively we’re helping somebody else, whether we know it or not, and likewise when we need some support those interconnected energies will be there looking out for us by virtue of someone else’s contributions.

Recently my dear grandmother’s health has deteriorated rapidly, and today I felt a powerful need to “pay it forward” to the web of interconnected energies.  In my subconscious I know the positive vibes I can make here in Austin, Texas (where I’m travelling for work this week) will make their way through the energy network and aid my grandmother all the way in New Hampshire.  I began my day running the urban retreat of Austin’s Colorado River trail network, and found myself pushing harder at every turn.  As I sweated it out, I had a deep satisfaction cloak me knowing that the more energy I exerted was energy that was directly siphoning into my grandmother.  As I walked around the city after my run I made an extra effort to greet everyone and produce as much positive energy as I could, knowing that somehow my grandmother would be the ultimate recipient.  As I sit here writing this post I know that the minmylife community readers will also decide to impact the world today in a positive manner, and that energy may see its way to my grandmother, or to others in need. 

Bottom Line: Make the decision to influence the world by adding to the positive energy flowing through its interconnected pathways.

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