The Power of Intentionality

When you look back on your life do you see a series of incidents or situations that “sprang up” and forced you to do something which impacted your life forever?  Or on the contrary, do you see a series of choices that you intentionally deliberated and decided the best way forward?  Those decisions may have been at the intersection of divergent life paths, or simply may have been seemingly-unimportant but they led to habits, behaviors, and lifestyles.

When you intentionally choose and decide your way through life you are generally able to control your circumstances.  You’re oftentimes able to select what challenges you face, you’re better equipped to tackle those challenges, and at the end of the day you’re more proud of what you’ve accomplished and are better positioned to enjoy the sweet fruits of success.  In the minmylife perspective, you’re able to live a financially-sustainable, naturally healthy, and positively-energetic life!

I’m not saying we can predict every choice and circumstance we will be presented with, and I recognize life sometimes throws us some crazy curve balls. However, if we’ve actively sought opportunities to shape our circumstances as much as possible, and we’ve created a decision framework based on our values and life goals then we are much better suited to quickly react to those unforeseen moments with a decision in line with our desired outcome.

I challenge you to be intentional with your life; vow not to be a victim of circumstances.  Shape your circumstances as much as possible by recognizing when you have choices, opening the opportunity for more choices, and preparing your mind for instantaneous decision making in line with your values and goals.  Ultimately this will allow you to take ownership of your life.

Bottom Line:  Be intentional with your life; don’t be a victim of circumstances.  Seek options, prepare your mental framework, and make decisions in line with your values.

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Intentionality

  1. This is such a great read, Alan!
    It’s incredible, the impact that can be made when you begin to live life with intention and purpose. Our lives have forever been changed since making the decision to live life on purpose.

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