New Year’s Resolution Will Save 30 Years of Your Life


Make the resolution to save money like a minimalist.  Changing consumerist habits from society’s normal mentality to a minimalist mentality will give back 30+ years of life that you’d otherwise spend working just to support the consumption lifestyle.  I’ll keep words to a minimum so you spend time looking at the numbers.

In the chart below you see what massive difference foregoing some optional expenses does on the savings rate.  Curious what you’re numbers are?  I’ve linked the calculator here.  


Monthly Budget Calculator

Savings rates are interesting, but where this really becomes eye-popping is when the numbers are projected over a lifetime and we see how many working years it takes to support your lifestyle indefinitely (the goal of sustainable finances).  Below are the results.  Here’s the link to the second calculator if you’d like to plug in your results from the first.

20161225 Hypothetical Retirement Calculator.PNG

Hypothetical Retirement Calculator

Increasing income (last column) doesn’t have nearly the power as reducing expenses.  Simply reducing expenses saves 30 obligatory years of work!  This means 30 years of pursuing your passions instead of hammering away at a keyboard in a cubicle!

We should all be chomping at the bit to write down all the expenses we can cut: coffee, restaurants, cable TV, professional lawn care services, extra shopping trips for unnecessary clothes, downsizing the car and house.  The possibilities are plenty; make identifying and reducing them your New Year’s resolution!

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