Minimalist Camping Packing List

Connecting with the great outdoors is a major tenant in the minmylife philosophy.  Unplugging from the barrage of modern life’s distractions to interact with nature is where we most easily find ourselves intertwined in the network of connected energy between all living things and our environment.  I find the most profound experiences are when I spend the night under the stars in Mother Nature. 

Camping frees our minds to fully participate in the circadian rhythm which our ancestors thrived in before electric lights and alarm clocks overrode our instincts.  When sleeping in nature, as the day wanes and we settle down to rest, we become acutely aware of our environment before drifting off.  The gurgling stream hundreds of yards away suddenly seems much closer, scratching on bark reveals two playful squirrels, and screeching birds soaring far overhead evokes visions of the ever-present winds high up above the ridge.

I’ve found the more minimally I pack when camping, the more I’m able to connect with the world.  Reducing “creature-comfort” items is analogous to reducing distractions in my minimalist-inspired life.  For a weekend when I’m certain it’ll be clear weather, all I need is water, food, and maybe a sleeping bag.  If there’s rain or excessive wind on the horizon I also bring a tent or tarp, knife, and lighter.  If I plan to be off the grid for more than a few days I add a water purifying system, and a change of clothes.  This truly is all I need, simply adjusting my shelter and clothing choices to the temperature and precipitation. (Bonus read:  forego the food!)

If you carry anything more than this you might be more comfortable, but you’re sacrificing a deeper connection with nature.  Spending the night on bare ground, feeling the wind whisking your face, and waking up to dew on your lips will reward the primal roots deep inside your soul

If you’ve never camped minimally I challenge you to try it.  No it doesn’t count if you’re in a campground, surrounded by light pollution, within sight of a structure, within earshot of a road, or sleeping next to your vehicle.  You’ve got to sever these ties to modern society by walking a ways down a wilderness trail to connect yourself completely to the natural world.

Bottom line:  Minimize your packing list while camping to fully connect to the network of natural energy.

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