The Minimalist Report Card: Mid-Term

If you’ve read my story, you’ll know I more or less stumbled across minimalism; it wasn’t a defined goal or the result of strategy and hard work.  Only within the last year have I realized and admitted to myself that I’m a minimalist, and the more I learn about the lifestyle the more I must say I’m currently “minimalist-inspired,” instead of a true minimalist.  However, the values that led me towards minimalism flourish under this lifestyle, and I now awake each day knowing I have less distractions in my life so I’m freer to live in line with my passions.

I’m intentionally using the relative terms “less distractions,” and “freer” instead of “no distractions” and “complete freedom.” There are certainly more steps I could take to reduce distractions further in my life and/or become the most-possible free version of myself.  Overall though, I’m content with the progress I’ve made and my decision to continue taking small steps towards less distractions.

For example, I’ve listed many items I now consider extra clutter for sale on the Letgo App at a reasonably-valued price, so when they sell I’ll feel I made a sound financial decision instead of a rash purge.  I’ve gradually separated items from my wardrobe which I won’t wear again and donated them to the local homeless.  I’ve gradually downsized my digital excess by deleting old extraneous files and arranging the remaining ones in a more organized manner.  I’ve refocused energy on truly meaningful relationships, and I’ve become somewhat of a personal finance guru in search of frugality to earn sooner the choice of early retirement.

Overall, I’m well on my journey towards minimalism.  The largest hurdle was changing my mindset to evaluate whether things (both physical and otherwise) are distractions from my true passions.  Now that I’ve created a mental framework to make those decisions I’m finding the act of reducing the distractions fairly easy and I’m satisfied with reaching my minimalism goal at a slow, deliberate pace (now you know the inspiration for the blog’s turtle logo professionally designed by Kirsten).

Speaking of goals, let’s now revisit the first paragraph where I said I didn’t have one.  After studying and experimenting with this lifestyle I’ve decided it’s for me.  That means I’m declaring my goal for minimalism; I hope Mel Gibson won’t mind if I have him pronounce it, orated with such soul-stirring emotion in Braveheart:  FREEDOM! 

I now see nearly all physical possessions as either a tool for a specific task in my life or clutter distracting me from freedom of choices.  Similarly, non-physical things in life that expend mental, emotional, social, or spiritual resources and don’t contribute to my values, passions, or happiness are undergoing my slow, but steady minimalist purge in the quest towards freedom of body, mind, and soul.

Now that’s enough about me.  I’m curious to know where you are in your journey!  Feel free to share in the comments below, or send me an email and maybe we can publish your story on this blog for everyone to learn from.

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