Unintentional Decluttering

Today a hand-painted decorative plate from my time in Turkey fell to the floor, breaking into a few pieces.  Instead of the expected sadness, I was actually relieved.  One less thing to declutter in my pursuit of minimalism.


For the last two years, I’ve stared at that plate knowing I probably should not have bought it (those Turkish salesman are beyond talented!).  It followed me through two international moves, collecting dust and taking up space.  I didn’t even really like it, so instead of reveling in a plethora of great memories from Turkey, each time my gaze fell upon the plate I just felt guilty for wasting my hard-earned money on a tourist gimmick.

Now that distraction is gone!  I feel a tiny bit more free as a result.  This motivates me to look at the other things in my home which I don’t really value, yet remain because of a buried shred of guilt, distracting me ever so slightly each time I look their way.  Maybe I’d be that much more free if I got rid of them all in one fell swoop?

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One thought on “Unintentional Decluttering

  1. I have so many family treasures that I love and my heart is warmed every time I look at them but often wonder if my family will treasure them as much as I do. I plan to label them with their origins and journeys, and let my family decide their destiny when the time comes that I’m finished with them.

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