Slurping Away $50,000 and Your Health

How much would you pay for a cup of sugar, some chemicals, dye, and water?  Possibly nothing because you probably wouldn’t even want to consume it—until we stir it together and call it sweet tea.  Suddenly your brain responds to years of marketing and you fork over hard-earned money to gulp down that unhealthy mixture.

Every year the average American spends $700 on soda, tea, coffee, juices, and other non-alcoholic drinks that are mostly just water with too much sugar and some variety of chemically-produced flavor and color.  That adds up to an incredible $50,000-ish in a lifetime.  How many hours do you have to work to pay for that sugar and chemical combo?  If you’re like most of the population that’s a year or more of working!

On top of the financials, all that excess sugar and chemicals degrades your health by reprogramming your brain to crave more sugar and altering your body’s natural response to stimuli.  To truly understand how your body changes as a result of these drinks it’s best to simply purge your diet of them for only a few weeks.  Afterwards, you’ll be amazed at how even a few sips from one will immediately change your heart rate and brain function, and your taste buds will be overwhelmed by the sweetness. 

However, when you regularly partake in these drinks your body numbs to the excess sugar and chemicals.  You acclimatize to this harsh chemical treatment each day and the brain rewires to expect it, so when the flood of chemicals is absent the entire body’s performance suffers. Think of a coffee addict that skips the cup of joe (or 3) in the morning….it’s not a pretty sight!

Bottom Line:  Break the habit of consuming all drinks other than tap water.  When these drinks are treated as a rare luxury item instead of the daily routine, your body will normalize its chemical state, providing a natural source of energy and proper functioning.  On top of better health, you’ll save bundles of money.

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