Quick Frugal Tip: Hair Cutting at Home

One of my minimalism challenges is to eradicate expenses on extraneous services.  In line with this, about a year ago, I spent $20 on electric clippers and taught myself (on YouTube) to cut my own hair.  During this time, I saved nearly $300 and eliminated hours waiting in line. 

A professional cut with tip runs about $14, which adds up to over $30,000 in a lifetime.  Cutting your own hair allows you to re-purpose that money while saving yourself time waiting and stress commuting to the barber. 

After the first few trials, I was able to make a decent cut using just clippers, scissors, and a handheld mirror in conjunction with my bathroom mirror.  I grew to prefer cutting my own hair versus paying, waiting, and stressing at a barber shop

It’s always disappointing to pay for a bad haircut, but when you did it to yourself it becomes a topic of conversation and you can turn it into an opportune moment to teach about minimalism and sustainable finances.  So why not take the plunge and give it a try?  For the cost of a single haircut you can get a decent pair of clippers and try it out.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Frugal Tip: Hair Cutting at Home

  1. Went with the better model. Reviews advised against cheaper sets as they are noisy, vibrate too much ( cheap bearings) heat up and do not cut as well, nor last more than a couple years with regular use giving multiple haircuts. So I Spent $55 for a better mid-grade Wahl clipper five years ago and it has been paid for many times over. Hubby does the boys monthly haircuts, at $15 each, plus tip and transportation was $50 plus my time brought it to over $90 a month. He does both in less than 1/2 hour and never a bad haircut, which was nearly every time at the barbers. So that is over a grand a year insourcing their haircuts, he does mine every 6-8 weeks keeping my hemline neat, I cannot stand straggly looking ends, it really bugs me, so I need mine kept neatly trimmed. Takes him about 45 minutes, more time for women’s long hair, fully understand, salon wants it done in ten, they rush the job, and make a mess. I get great results, with no tears. Saves me hundreds more. A skill well worth learning. Buy good quality tools and learn to use them😊.

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    • Thanks for the comment, Carolyn! Glad to hear others are doing this too…and getting the whole family involved to help each other out and save a notable amount of money to use in other areas of life.


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