You’ve read the goldmine of information in the minmylife blog, but you’re still struggling during the transition to the lifestyle you dream about.

You want someone who will listen to your story, help you discover your hidden passions and values, assist in goal-setting to attain the life you’ve always dreamed of, create a map to to get you there, and hold you accountable along the journey.

I can help you!  Sign up for my FREE 30-minute introductory one-on-one session.  If it adds value to your life you can choose to continue with my coaching program.

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During coaching sessions, I use a variety of Skype video, phone calls, and shared online documents.  During the first session I’ll listen intently to your story, determine how I can best help you, and provide introductory coaching in that area.  Afterwards, if you choose to sign up for my coaching program, we’ll cover any of the following lifestyle topics, customized to your unique situation:

  • Sustainable finances
  • Natural health
  • Positive energy
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Living a passion-driven life