Passion-Driven Life

This is my favorite topic to discuss!  Reducing unnecessary distractions in your life gives you the time and energy to live in accordance with your passions.  Of course, this isn’t something you just simply decide to do; rather it requires much introspection to determine truly what are your life-long passions, motivations, values, and goals.  This introspection merits its own discussion so I’ll just drop the link here.  The thinking is the easy part though. Only afterwards do you require grit, have tough conversations, and perform life-changing actions.  Don’t despair; once you’re going down the passion-driven track you’ll feel energized and more fulfilled.

Once you determine what your passions truly are you only just cracked the door to living a passion-driven life.  At this point you must shed any activity that doesn’t contribute to your life-long passions.  For every action and decision you make, ask yourself:  Is this contributing to my long-term plans?  If you can’t make the connection then rid yourself of it—it’s a distraction!  This may cause short-term turmoil, but in the long run it’ll empower you to better control life’s most valuable resource—time. 

I found Suzy Welch’s 10-10-10 very helpful in this exercise.  She teaches you to visualize any decision in three time frames, the short term, mid-term, and long term, to determine their effects, then use that knowledge to make the best long-term decisions.  Maybe something will cause a lot of pain in the next ten days, and the next ten months may be an unknown, but the long-term vision has you closer to reaching your life goals.  This introspection is directly applicable to many of life’s most difficult decisions such as leaving a broken relationship, changing careers, or downsizing houses; however it can also be used for the more mundane decisions we make every day.

Once you begin ridding yourself of the distractions that don’t contribute to your long-term goals you’ll find yourself with more time and energy to focus on the things that truly matter to you, and like the spiral of positive energy, you’ll find your life lifted up.

I love this topic because it’s universally applicable, even to anti-minimalists!

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